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5 September, 2023

Base and Sinks


Bases and Sinks – Limited Warranty

A. Limited Warranty. T-Spa Manufacturing, LLC grants the following Limited Warranties to the customer
(The “Buyer”) on any qualified specific bases and sinks:
I. Limited Two (2) years Parts for the Fiberglass on the spa shell.
II. Limited One (1) year Parts for the Gel on the spa shell.
III. Limited One (1) year Parts for the paint on the spa shell.
IV. Limited One (1) year Parts for the Resin Sink and Fiberglass Sink.
V. Limited warranty based on shipment for the Glass Sink.
VI. Limited One (1) year Parts for the Hydraulic System, and all Electrical Components’.
VII. Limited One (1) year Parts on the Whirlpool Pump, Clean Jets and Magnetic Jet and Six (6)
months for Wet End

This limited warranty shall be in full force and effect for any Buyer’s experiencing workmanship,
mechanical, installation, or composition failures so long as the purchased goods are correctly installed and
used in accordance with official installation and maintenance instructions.

B. Exclusions. This limited warranty shall not cover or apply to cable and connector plugs that are unsafe and
unusable nor to any purchased goods that are permanently positioned in water. This limited warranty does
not cover damage to cables/connectors caused by (a) abrasion on a route lower surface caused by
insufficient fixing or running of the cables unprotected over sharp edges, or (b) animals or insects.

C. Additional Warranty Conditions:
I. The Limited Warranty will not be extended even in the event of Goods repair or replacement.
II. All rights, title, and ownership in and to the Goods that have been replaced pursuant to the above warranty revert
to T-Spa.
III. The warranty terms set forth above start on the date of original purchase of the Goods.
IV. Additional Exclusions to the warranty are provided on the T-Spa website and are incorporated herein by reference.
D. Assertion of Warranty Claim:
I. You may assert a warranty or claim under Paragraph A above only by informing T-Spa either in writing or email
to our corporate office:
a. Address:

b. Email:
II. You must include the date of purchase of the Goods and be accompanied by the original sales receipt or invoice as
evidence of the purchase.
III. When making a claim you must be as specific as possible regarding the product and defect associated.
IV. For a warranty claim to be valid, the written claim must be provided within six weeks of the occurrence of the

E. Use in accordance with this Limited Warranty:

I. The above Limited Warranty is not available if the alleged defect is a result of the Goods being used improperly,
mishandled, incorrectly operated, or improperly installed. Any evidence of abuse shall release T-Spa and its’
affiliates from this Limited Warranty and they shall have no obligation to provide a remedy for a claimed defect if
the defects are caused in whole or in part by any cause other than the Goods themselves. Such other causes may
include, without limitation, the following: failure to properly install the Goods, failure to properly
exchange/repair/modify/maintain the Goods, Misuse of the Goods, vandalism or destruction through external
influences, improper storage or transportation, incompatibility of Buyer or third-party equipment with the Goods,
or any Force Majeure events outside of T-Spa control (hail, hurricanes, lightning, power surges, or floods).

II. T-Spa is under no obligation to provide the remedies set forth above if the manufacturer’s labels or serial numbers
on the Goods have been changed, deleted, peeled off, altered, or otherwise caused to be unrecognizable.

**Please Note:

  • Fiberglass on the spa shell: President, New Beginning, Humvee, Vespa White/ Black, Dolphin, Milan,
    Murano, Titan, Kyen, Gossip, Mia, Brianna, etc.
  • Gel on the spa shell (Epoxy): Successor, Eternal, Trikaya Epoxy, Crystal Bird, etc.
  • Paint on the spa shell: Wyatt, Phoenix Bronze/Silver, Vespa Duotone, Trikaya, Jasmine, etc.